UDC Releases Bottled vs Tap Water Taste Test Results

Washington, DC – On November 15, 2011, the UDC Sustainability Initiative and the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored a blind taste of bottled spring water versus tap water from the Brita Hydration Stations on campus. Fifty four people took the blind taste, with a slight majority (52%) preferring the taste of the filtered tap water over the bottled spring water.
Participants also took a short quiz to gauge their knowledge of the bottled water industry, with the following results:

Only 35% knew that it takes a plastic bottle 10,000 years to decompose in a landfill.
Thirty-eight percent knew that a gallon of bottled water costs 200 to 500 times as much as tap water to produce.
Eighty-six percent wrongfully believed that bottled water is tested on a daily basis when, in fact, 0% is tested on a daily basis across the country.
The majority of people (57%) knew that only 20% of the plastic bottles produced in the United States get recycled.
For more information about the benefits of tap water, visit the DC Water website at: